Prof. Ian Cook and Häiriköt-päämaja: Subvertisements and pedagogy

This is what we have been waiting for, the peak of Kuilut umpeen – Closing the gap project! My colleague cultural geographer Ian Cook from the University of Exeter is visiting Finland on 10-16th February 2018. We will have lectures at the University of Helsinki and the Finnish National Agency for Education as well as widespread communication with our partners –  Welcome to the public event Subvertisements and pedagogy on 12th Feb.

Prof. Ian Cook and Häiriköt-päämaja present: Subvertisements and pedagogy

Global Meal – vastamainontaa ruuasta -vastamainoskilpailuun osallistuneita koululaissarjan töitä. Lisää vastamainoksia ja taustamateriaalia opetukseen osoitteessa:

Welcome to a unique lecture and discussion on cross-curricular teaching, with focus on global trade and subvertising, on Mon 12th February at 4-7 pm at University of Helsinki.

The event begins with a lecture by a visiting geographer Ian Cook, followed by a presentation and a panel discussion on subvertisements and pedagogy (in Finnish).

Ian Cook is a professor of cultural geography at the University of Exeter, United Kingdom. Cook has a history of more than 20 years of academic work and 80 scientific publications in researching production chains, activism and critical pedagogy. In his research, Cook is interested in how artists, activists, filmmakers, journalists and others research and engage their audiences in the question ‘who makes the things that we buy?’, what impacts this work can have on consumers, corporations and workers worldwide, and how these relations are transformed through the internet and social media. In Finland, Cook’s work is applied to teaching about trade and critical ad parodies, subvertisements.

The event is organised by global educator MSc Eeva Kemppainen and prof. Ian Cook (Kuilut umpeen – Closing the gap), Häiriköt-päämaja and prof. Sirpa Tani (University of Helsinki).

Welcome to Athena building, room 302, Siltavuorenpenger 3 A, 3rd floor, Helsinki.
There is space for 70 people. Free entrance, no registration.
See the Facebook event.

More information:

Eeva Kemppainen
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Photo: subvertisements about the impacts of food production by school students submitted to the subvertisement competition Global Meal – vastamainontaa ruuasta, subvertising about food. More subverts and informative material for teaching online (in Finnish):